Winter Road Conditions
NE 66 Whole Road 6 reports
Central City to Highway 81 2 reports
Highway 15 to Valparaiso 1 report
Highway 77 to Plattsmouth 3 reports
Reports on NE 66
Map of Reports on NE 66 Between NE 14 (5 miles west of Hordville) and North Laclede Street (Polk). Driving conditions are normal. Between County Road B and US 81; County Road 123 (Polk). The roadway is partially covered with ice. Between NE 15; NE 12C Spur and NE 79 (Valparaiso). Driving conditions are normal. Between US 77 (15 miles east of Valparaiso) and NE 50 (2 miles west of Louisville). The road is wet. Between NE 50; Mahoney Road and Main Street (Louisville). Driving conditions are normal. Between Main Street and US 34 (Louisville). Driving conditions are normal.
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Impassable Covered driving conditions Impassable Completely Covered driving conditions Completely Covered Partially Covered driving conditions Partially covered Good driving conditions Normal or wet Closure Closure