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Winter Road Conditions
NE 71 Whole Road 4 reports
Colorado to Scottsbluff 2 reports
Scottsbluff to South Dakota 2 reports
Reports on NE 71
Map of Reports on NE 71 Between Colorado State Line (15 miles south of the Kimball area) and I-80 (near Kimball). Driving conditions are normal. Between I-80; County Road 45 (near Kimball) and US 26 (near Scottsbluff). Driving conditions are normal. Between US 26; Avenue I (near Scottsbluff) and US 20 (near Crawford). Driving conditions are normal. Between US 20 and SD 71; South Dakota State Line (Crawford). Driving conditions are normal.
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Impassable Covered driving conditions Impassable Completely Covered driving conditions Completely Covered Partially Covered driving conditions Partially covered Good driving conditions Normal Good driving conditions Wet Closure Closure