Critical Reports on US 30
Map of Reports on US 30 Between East Railroad Street and Antelope Avenue (Kearney). There is a width limit in effect due to road construction work. Width limit 11'0". Between 18th Avenue and 26th Avenue (Columbus). The right lane is closed. Until Friday, at about 8:00PM CDT. Between Road 12 and Western Avenue (Rogers). Road construction work is in progress. Between Snyder Street (Rogers) and Spruce Street (North Bend). Road construction work is in progress. A lane is closed intermittently. Until November 16, 2020 at about 11:59PM CDT. Between County Road 14 and US 77 (Fremont). A lane is closed intermittently. Look out for flaggers because of road maintenance activities. From 7:00AM CDT to 3:30PM CDT on weekdays.
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