Map of Statewide Between Exit 445: I - L - Q streets; West Center Road and Exit 449: 72nd Street (Omaha). Multiple Waze users reported a heavy traffic jam. Between Exit 4: NE 64 and Exit 6: NE 133; Blair High Road (Omaha). Multiple Waze users reported standstill traffic. Between West Mill Road (8 miles south of Valparaiso) and East 7th Street (Valparaiso). A lane is closed intermittently. Road maintenance work is in progress. Look out for flaggers. Speed limit 45 MPH. Until December 31, 2018 at about 5:00PM CST. Between Exit 101: US 138; Big Springs;Julesburg (25 miles west of the Ogallala exit) and Exit 179: NE 56G Link; North Platte (North Platte). Look out for a slow moving maintenance vehicle. Until today at about 6:00PM CST. Between Dakota Avenue (near Verdel) and NE 54D Spur (5 miles east of Niobrara). There is a width limit in effect because of narrow lanes. Width limit 9'0". Between Fairground Road and US 81 (near Madison). There is a width limit in effect because of narrow lanes. There is a length limit in effect. Width limit 17'0". Vehicle length limit 110 ft. Between NE 57 (11 miles east of Crofton) and 888th Road (4 miles west of Obert). The road surface is in poor condition. Between NE 22 and NE 39. A lane is closed intermittently because of road maintenance activities. Look out for flaggers. Between NE 8; Southwest 18 Road and US 77. The road surface is in poor condition. Speed limit 45 MPH. Until November 30, 2018 at about 6:00PM CST. Between US 34 (2 miles south of Bellevue) and CR F120 Capehart Rd (Bellevue). There is a width limit in effect. Width limit 12'0". Between Bay Road and US 75 (3 to 5 miles north of Plattsmouth). There is a width limit in effect. Width limit 12'0". Between East C Street (McCook) and Warren Street (near Indianola). There is a width limit in effect. Road construction work is in progress. Width limit 18'0". Until January 31, 2018 at about 5:00PM CST. Between Exit 257: US 183; Holdrege;Elm Creek (15 miles west of Kearney) and Exit 312: US 34; Grand Island;Hastings (26 miles west of Aurora). There is work on the shoulder.
US 281: E of Chambers
US 77: S of Wymore
NE 7: Elsmere Rd
US 77: S of Cortland
NE 14: Verdigre Spur S54A
I-80: Missouri River Bridge
I-80: Exit 102
I-80: L Street in Omaha
NE 35: Emerson
I-80: Aurora Jct 14
US 20: Inman
NE 70: W of Arcadia
US 6: Oxford Intersection
US 81: N of Columbus
I-80: Potter Exit
US 75: Gilmore Bridge in Omaha
I-80: Pleasant Dale Exit
I-80: 3 Mi W of Kimball
NE 23: Venango
I-80: Bridge 181 E of North Platte
US 30: Fremont at 23rd St
US 83: Hwy 83 Medicine Creek
I-680: Blair High Road
NE 12: S of Ponca
I-80: Kennedy Freeway
I-80: North of I in Omaha
I-180: Superior St.
US 77:  Lincoln BNSF Railyard
US 75: South Omaha
NE 2: Dunning
US 81: So Yankton
I-80: Sutherland Exit
I-80: LIncoln Interchange
US 75: Bellevue
US 281: S of Barlett
NE 15: E of Clarkson
NE 71: W of Hemingford
I-80: Kearney Exit 272
US 275: N of West Point
NE 11: W of Chambers
NE 50: Manley
US 75: US 34 and NE 66 at Plattsmouth
I-80: Exit 101
NE 40: S of Arnold
US 183: Springview
I-180: BNSF Downtown Lincoln
US 20: Gordon
US 77: S of Ceresco
I-80: Cozad Exit
US 385: NE-SD Line N of Chadron
US 26: Hwy 26 E of Broadwater
I-80: I-680 interchange in Omaha
NE 87: S of Whiteclay
I-680: N of Pacific
US 6: Dodge St at 156th
US 83: Dismal River Bridge
US 6: Near Enders
I-180: Cornhusker Hwy
US 77: E of Roca
US 81: W of Belvidere
I-80: Exit 439
I-80: 184 Platte River Bridge
I-480: Martha St
US 75: S of Julian Spur S64A
I-80: Grand Island Locust St Exit
NE 56: W of Cedar Rapids
NE 87: S of Hay Springs
I-80: Grand Island WB Rest Area
US 136: North of Alma
I-80: Holdrege-Elm Creek Exit
US 6: W Dodge at 128th
I-80: Milford Exit
NE 61: N of Arthur
US 20: Rushville
US 26: N of Bayard
NE 2: Ne City River Bridge
NE 12: W of Norden
I-680: N of Center at Shirley
US 20: Harrison
US 6: West Dodge at 102nd
NE 29: N of Mitchell
US 6: Axtell
US 183: Miller
US 20: W of Hay Springs
I-80: Seward Exit
I-680: Omaha
US 6: Dodge St at 204th St Underpass
NE 2: Ellsworth
NE 92: Tryon
I-80: Minden Exit
NE 2: Palmyra
I-80: Exit 440
I-480: Leavenworth St
NE 61: Martin Bay at Ogallala
I-480: Mo River Bridge
I-680: 31st St in N Omaha
I-80: Grand Island Exit 312
I-80: 42nd St in Omaha
NE 370:  N of Springfield
I-80: Gretna Jct
US 385: N of Bridgeport
I-80: 60th St in Omaha
I-80: Melia Hill W of Omaha
US 20: E of Newport
I-80: Waverly Exit
I-80: Brady Exit 199
I-80: Sidney Exit
NE 97: Brownlee Rd S of Valentine
US 75: Cornhusker Rd in Bellevue
NE 23: Eustis
I-80: 13th St in Omaha
US 26: Hwy 26 W of Scottsbluff
I-480: Dodge St.
US 20: E of Royal
US 26: Oshkosh
I-80: 84th St in Omaha
US 75: L St. in Omaha
US 75: NE City
US 136: E of Riverton
I-80: E of York WB Restarea
I-80: Oshkosh Exit 95
US 275: Scribner
I-680: West Dodge
US 81: Hebron Scales
I-80: W of York
US 81: Chester
US 6: Dodge St and 204th St EB
US 75: S of Winnebago
I-80: Scale E of Lincoln
NE 71: N of Kimball
US 75: S of Dawson
US 281: N of Bartlett
I-80: Ogallala Exit
NE 250: Smith Lake
US 75: Capehart Rd in Bellevue
I-80: N Jct 77 at Lincoln
NE 23: East of Grant
US 83: SD border N of Valentine
I-80: Lodgepole Exit
US 75: Tekamah
I-80: WYO Line
NE 2: Bennet Corner
NE 15: W of Wilber
US 34: Arikaree River W of Haigler
I-80: US 77 South Exit in Lincoln
I-80: 72nd St in Omaha
NE 35: W of Wayne
US 77: Van Dorn in Lincoln
I-80: North Platte Exit  177
NE 91: E of Brewster
US 20: Whitney Spur
US 75: Omaha
US 385: South Chadron
NE 71: NE-SD Line
I-80: Aurora DMS
US 6: Dodge St at 144th
I-80: North Platte Exit to L56G
I-80: W of Kearney
I-80: Lexington Exit
US 77: Ceresco
I-80: Lincoln Exit to 27th St.
US 81: Madison
I-80: 24th St in Omaha
US 83: S of McCook
I-80: Mahoney Park W of Omaha
US 75: Childs Rd in Bellevue
NE 89: Near Wilsonville
I-80: Lincoln Airport Exit
I-80: 108th St in Omaha
NE 25: S of Wallace
I-80: Shelton Exit
NE 71: Harrisburg
I-129: Jct at So Sioux City
US 6: Dodge St at 168th
US 26: Ash Hollow
I-680: Fort Street
NE 97: Dismal River S of Mullen
US 83: Brownlee Rd N of Thedford
US 20: E of Harrison
US 275: W of Norfolk
US 385: S of Dalton
NE 61: S of Merriman
I-80: Omaha 96th St
US 6: W of Culbertson
I-80: Paxton Exit
US 34: Benkelman
NE 12: Obert
NE 370: Papillion 84th St
I-680: Maple Street
US 30: W of Rogers
US 30: Blair Roundabout
US 275: E of Pilger
US 183: Rose - S of Bassett
I-80: Kearney Archway
NE 14: Petersburg
NE 61: N of Hyannis
US 385: Hemingford
US 183: S Taylor
US 275: Waterloo over NE-64
US 26: Hwy 26 NE-WY Line
US 81: W of Randolph
I-80: Aurora Anti-Icing
US 20: Wood Lake
NE 4: E of Campbell
I-80: Giles Road Exit
US 20: Nenzel
NE 15: S of David City
I-80: York Overpass
I-80: Hwy 75 in Omaha
NE 14: S of Clay Center
NE 12: Brocksburg
I-80: Gretna Exit 432
US 6: West Dodge at 118th
US 136: W of Harbine
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